Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Awards & Recognition

Barclay Damon is proud to showcase the recognition the firm and our attorneys have achieved.

Best Lawyers

Forty-Five Barclay Damon Attorneys Selected as 2017 “Best Lawyers in America”.

  • Hedwig M. Auletta (Buffalo) Partner: Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • Susan A. Benz (Buffalo) Partner: Health Care
  • James J. Canfield (Syracuse) Partner: Corporate Law
  • Timothy C. Cashmore (Buffalo) Partner: Banking and Financial Law, Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Linda J. Clark (Albany) Partner: Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions-Defendants
  • Thomas B. Cronmiller (Rochester) Partner: Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • Victoria L. D'Angelo (Clarence) Of Counsel: Trusts & Estates
  • Thomas J. Drury (Buffalo) Partner: Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • Anne C. Evans (Buffalo) Partner: Real Estate Law
  • James W. Gormley (Buffalo) Of Counsel: Corporate Law and Health Care Law
  • Christopher T. Greene (Buffalo) Partner: Corporate Law and Health Care Law
  • James S. Grossman (Rochester) Partner: Eminent Domain & Condemnation Law
  • Vincent P. Hauber (Buffalo) Partner: Litigation-Real Estate and Real Estate Law
  • Robert P. Heary (Buffalo) Partner: Employment Law-Management
  • Franklin W. Heller (Buffalo) Partner: Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtors Rights/Insolvency, Commercial Litigation and Reorganization Law
  • Yvonne E. Hennessey (Albany) Partner: Litigation-Environmental
  • Andrew J. Leja (Syracuse) Partner: Environmental Law
  • Gary R. Mass (Buffalo) Partner: Corporate Law and Health Care Law
  • Peter S. Marlette (Buffalo) Partner: Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions-Defendants, Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
  • Kevin R. McAuliffe (Syracuse) Partner: Project Finance Law
  • Dennis R. McCoy (Buffalo) Partner: Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants and Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
  • Mark R. McNamara (Buffalo) Partner: Eminent Domain & Condemnation Law
  • Vincent J. Moore (Buffalo) Counsel: Real Estate Law
  • Douglas J. Nash (Syracuse) Partner: Commercial Litigation
  • Laurence B. Oppenheimer (Buffalo) Partner: Employment Law-Management
  • Randolph C. Oppenheimer (Buffalo)  Employment Law-Management
  • Stephen H. Oleskey (Boston) Of Counsel: Eminent Domain & Condemnation Law
  • Jeffery D. Palumbo (Clarence) Partner: Environmental Law
  • Anthony J. Piazza (Rochester) Partner: Insurance Law
  • Robert J. Portin (Buffalo) Partner: Corporate Law and Health Care Law
  • Gust P. Pullman (Buffalo) Partner: Corporate Law, Patent and Trademark Law
  • Judith M. Sayles (Syracuse) Partner: Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
  • Michael J. Sciotti (Syracuse) Partner: Employment Law-Management, Labor Law-Management, and Litigation - Labor and Employment
  • Robert M. Shaddock (Rochester) Partner: Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • John P. Sindoni (Syracuse) Partner: Real Estate Law
  • Carol G. Snider (Buffalo) Partner: Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions-Defendants 
  • Gerald F. Stack (Syracuse) Partner: Tax Law
  • Charles E. Telford III (Buffalo) Partner: Trusts & Estates
  • Edward J. Trombly (Albany) Partner: Real Estate Law
  • Thomas F. Walsh (Rochester) Partner: Environmental Law and Litigation-Environmental
  • John R. Weider (Rochester) Counsel: Bankruptcy and Creditors Debtors Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Litigation – Bankruptcy
  • Catherine T. Wettlaufer (Buffalo) Partner: Trusts & Estates
  • Frederick A. Wolf (Buffalo) Of Counsel: Administrative/Regulatory Law, Banking and Finance Law, Financial Services Regulation Law, and Land Use and Zoning Law
  • Melissa M. Zambri (Albany) Partner: Health Care Law
  • Gregory Zini (Buffalo) Partner: Commercial Litigation

In addition:

  • Thomas J. Drury was named Best Lawyers’ 2017 Buffalo Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants “Lawyer of the Year” 
  • Christopher T. Greene was named Best Lawyers’ 2017 Buffalo Health Care Law “Lawyer of the Year” 
  • Dennis R. McCoy was named Best Lawyers’ 2017 Buffalo Product Liability Litigation – Defendants “Lawyer of the Year”
  • Jeffery D. Palumbo was named the Best Lawyers' 2017 Buffalo Environmental Law "Lawyer of the Year."