Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

White Collar

Corporations and individuals now operate in an era of ever-expanding federal, state, and international regulation, and more aggressive and sophisticated government enforcement. They are now more likely than ever to find themselves affected by investigations or enforcement proceedings that carry the risk of criminal liability. Our team of attorneys have years of experience representing clients in white collar matters and government investigations, they include a former United States Attorney and several former criminal prosecutors, whose combined experience includes more than 100 criminal trials.

Our attorneys represent clients in every aspect of criminal defense matters – from the execution of search warrants and grand jury proceedings through trial and appeal. We also defend clients in parallel civil or administrative litigation that is more frequently associated with criminal investigations. In these matters, our attorneys regularly deal with a full range of federal and state enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Our attorneys conduct internal investigations to detect and prevent problems, allowing us to advise our clients on the implementation of effective compliance programs. Preventing enforcement actions or criminal investigations through compliance programs and internal safeguards is a critical aspect of our practice.

We are able to draw on the experience of other practices areas at the Firm to provide industry-specific knowledge and experience that is critical to effectively representing our clients. Using these resources, we have represented corporate and individual clients in a variety of areas, including environmental crimes, health care fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the False Claims Act, money laundering, RICO, tax, and securities.

Cyber Security

Barclay Damon’s experienced, multi-disciplinary team of attorneys provides clients with sound counsel on the legal issues concerning cyber security, privacy and data protection.

There is no question that data is a strategic asset for any company and commitments relating to its use, sharing, or acquisition can have a long-term impact on a company’s business. At Barclay Damon, we are focused on protecting businesses in a digital world. Our attorneys represent clients in investigation, crisis response to data breach incidents, litigation, government relations, insurance, indemnification and transactions.

Barclay Damon offers its clients practical guidance across the spectrum of cyber risks, drawing on the deep experience of many of its lawyers whose backgrounds allow Barclay Damon to assist clients to keep up with the critical and fast-changing data protection laws.

In addition, we assist clients in addressing the myriad of workplace privacy issues, including employee data breach response, employee surveillance, data privacy policies, privacy issues arising from the use of technology and unique data transfer issues for employees.

As cyber security, privacy, and data protection laws evolve, through cyber-protection planning, data breach coaching, and defense of clients’ interests in court – our objective is to assist our clients in preparing for and reducing data and security related risks.