Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Real Estate

Our attorneys handle a variety of real property matters for clients ranging from corporations and commercial lenders to developers and individuals.

Our attorneys counsel clients in all aspects of the acquisition, ownership, management, and disposition of commercial real estate and residential development. Representative clients include, real estate owners, developers investors, managers, tenants and landlords, , as well as mortgage lenders, contractors and designers,.

We have experience in handling real estate matters in every industry, and we work seamlessly with our Financial Institutions & Lending attorneys on secured commercial real estate transactions, and with our Commercial Litigation team to protect our clients’ real estate holdings.

We also have extensive experience in the energy industry, including oil and gas leasing in the Marcellus Shale, riparian rights issues and conservation easements. Our team has handled the acquisition of rights of way and other property interests for the siting of linear projects such as natural gas pipelines and electric transmission lines. We have handled real property and title issues for complex energy transactions involving the transfer of hydroelectric, fossil fuel and nuclear generating facilities.

In the shopping center industry we represent investors and developers in complex acquisition and financing transactions, as well as landlords and tenants in shopping center lease transactions. Our client base also includes health care industry clients such as providers and physicians groups in a variety of real estate transactions.

We draft and negotiate the often-complex documentation accompanying the acquisition and sale, financing, development, and leasing of real property interests. Our attorneys are experienced and proficient in title examination and title insurance claims matters, and we regularly prosecute and defend title disputes.