Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Health Care Controversies

Our Health Care Controversy Practice Area provides our clients with access to a team of experienced attorneys with the required skills necessary to resolve complex disputes that arise in the health care industry.

Health care controversies represents the crossroads between adversarial proceedings, including litigation and administrative proceedings, and the highly regulated healthcare industry. A health care controversy can include major litigation involving healthcare providers to credentialing proceedings before hospital or licensing or disciplinary proceedings before the many state agencies with jurisdiction over health providers. They include administrative hearings, at arbitration hearings, and if necessary, in state or federal court.

The increasing focus of regulators on the use of recovery driven adversarial proceedings to enforce developing standards of compliance and fraud waste and abuse detection makes this a growing area of concern for clients in the health care industry.

Now more than ever, health providers are likely to find themselves affected by investigations or enforcement proceedings that carry the risk of substantial, and even exponential, civil or criminal liability. Our team of attorneys have years of experience representing clients in government investigations and regulatory proceeding (including Medicare and Medicaid) and in the litigated or adversarial proceedings they can spawn. The common denominator is the necessity for litigation skills and expertise and a baseline of knowledge regarding substantive health care laws.