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Barclay Damon


We provide legal and business counseling in areas of strategic planning, operations and evolving business relationships for individuals as well as privately and publically held companies. Our attorneys experience include a wide variety of business transactions ranging from entity structure/formation, day-to-day operational and other intra-company issues and existing and evolving financing needs to acquisitions and divestitures, restructuring, succession planning, securities and other regulatory issues and intellectual property. Our experience with sophisticated corporate clients has allowed us to develop the skills and depth necessary to represent all our business clients efficiently in today’s competitive market.

Our attorneys have a wide breadth of knowledge in business and corporate law, and are well respected for their legal experience and their creative and constructive approach to resolving legal and business issues. Attorneys in other related practice groups with specialized expertise in areas of importance to many businesses, such as tax, intellectual property, labor and employment, and real estate are readily available. Our practice is committed to bringing excellent quality legal services, supported by the latest technology, to all its clients on a timely basis and at competitive fees.

Business Formation

We work with clients to achieve a competitive edge by establishing a sound infrastructure that will serve them at start up and support future business operations as they grow. We work with them to assess and protect their immediate and long-term interests and assets, to identify and evaluate capitalization strategies, and to implement appropriate financing strategies as they evolve and grow.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We regularly represent clients involved in acquisitions, sales, investing and financing. We guide clients through every stage of the process in strategic planning to fully explore all available options, and then we effectively negotiate and implement those strategies. Our experience include asset/stock purchases and sales including leveraged buy-outs, purchases and sales of divisions and subsidiaries, spin-offs, reorganizations and recapitalizations as well as joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Securities Regulation & Compliance

Compliance with federal and state securities laws is an important consideration in many business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, tender offers and business formations. We counsel clients on compliance, and defend their interests through litigation and arbitration, and we assist them in consummating complex securities transactions in an innovative, cost-effective and timely manner.

Contracts & Other Transactional Matters

Whether our clients need advice prior to entering an agreement or after an agreement has been made, we have the skill and experience to guide them. When negotiating and drafting contracts, we utilize our full understanding of our client's business and objectives, and we seek to avoid ambiguities in order to make transactions easy to implement and to avoid subsequent disputes regarding interpretation. We are experienced in analyzing existing contract content, achieving contract resolution and enforcing rights.

Cyber Security

Barclay Damon’s experienced, multi-disciplinary team of attorneys provides clients with sound counsel on the legal issues concerning cyber security, privacy and data protection.

There is no question that data is a strategic asset for any company and commitments relating to its use, sharing, or acquisition can have a long-term impact on a company’s business. At Barclay Damon, we are focused on protecting businesses in a digital world. Our attorneys represent clients in investigation, crisis response to data breach incidents, litigation, government relations, insurance, indemnification and transactions.

Barclay Damon offers its clients practical guidance across the spectrum of cyber risks, drawing on the deep experience of many of its lawyers whose backgrounds allow Barclay Damon to assist clients to keep up with the critical and fast-changing data protection laws.

In addition, we assist clients in addressing the myriad of workplace privacy issues, including employee data breach response, employee surveillance, data privacy policies, privacy issues arising from the use of technology and unique data transfer issues for employees.

As cyber security, privacy, and data protection laws evolve, through cyber-protection planning, data breach coaching, and defense of clients’ interests in court – our objective is to assist our clients in preparing for and reducing data and security related risks.

Emerging Technologies

Our Emerging Technology Team supports emerging technology companies in every step of the business building process, from start-up to protecting their intellectual property to exit strategies. Recognizing the needs of start-up entrepreneurs, we tailor our full range of legal services with fee agreements specific to each client’s business goals and objectives.