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Barclay Damon

Sara Payne Featured on RBJ BizCast Podcast

Sara Payne, cannabis team leader and of counsel, was recently interviewed by the Rochester Business Journal and featured on its BizCast podcast episode “Sara Payne and Cannabis Law,” discussing Barclay Damon’s new cannabis team and the changing legal landscape regarding marijuana legalization in both New York State and across the nation.

“Over the past couple of years, we have seen a pretty significant trend in the United States toward legalizing cannabis in a variety of different industries. Primarily, that covers industrial hemp operations––hemp being a cousin of the marijuana plant––medical marijuana, and adult-use marijuana.

Along with these various cannabis-related activities that are being created comes ancillary services, business, and products, and also looking at the impact on individuals and mainstream businesses for what legalized cannabis may mean to us as people and also to businesses in all sorts of sectors.

To provide the best possible services to our clients, it’s important that we stay on top of these types of significant changes in the law. We are responding to our clients’ needs and our professional responsibility to keep on top of things that impact our clients and their businesses.

As opposed to a more conventional practice area that focuses on one particular area of law, the cannabis team is multi-disciplinary and cross-functional. Because cannabis has implications for a great number of other things––it touches real estate, banking, employment law, corporate, tax issues––what we’ve done is assemble folks that have a great amount of expertise in these areas and also have had experience with cannabis-related issues.”

Listen to the full podcast here.