Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Chris Cardillo and Charlie Martorana Interviewed by Buffalo Law Journal

Chris Cardillo and Charlie Martorana, partners, were recently interviewed by Buffalo Law Journal. Their interviews also appear in Buffalo Business First.

Cardillo’s commentary was featured in “Expect Drones to Be Big Part of Construction's Tech Transformation,” discussing how drones are being used heavily in real estate and that he anticipates more contractors will utilize them for a variety of tasks.

“(For) everyone from developers looking for property to owners looking to hire architects and engineers to people who actually do the construction, (there is) a benefit from drone utilization,” he said.

Martorana’s commentary was featured in “Project Overlap: Due Diligence Is a Must Before Getting Starting,” discussing the evolution of environmental law and its connection to construction law.

“We started to encounter more issues in the 1980s and more environmental issues dealing with prior pollution. People didn’t know quite how to deal with that,” he said. “My practice evolved from doing a lot of research into environmental issues.”