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Barclay Damon

Barclay Damon's Flat-Fee Compliance Services Program For Health Care and Human Service Providers

Barclay Damon’s Compliance Services Program (CSP) is designed to help health care and human service providers address regulatory and compliance issues on a proactive basis, before they result in costly audits and investigations, whistleblower actions, and litigation. Providers pay a flat monthly fee and are free to consult the firm’s leading attorneys on day-to-day compliance issues without the worry of being “on the clock.” The program is designed to help providers effectively budget for legal services and eliminate the disincentives and reactive nature of traditional fee-based legal services.

The Monthly Fee Includes:

Telephone Consultations

Annual On-Site Compliance Training

Annual Review of Your Completed Compliance Program Self-Assessment Tool

Compliance Webinars

Discounts on Other Matters

Litigation, hearings, audits and investigations, and other agency proceedings or projects that are expected to take more than two hours to address are not covered by the CSP but can be handled by our attorneys on a separate basis. CSP members are eligible for a 10% courtesy discount on these matters.

What Types of Issues Can We Contact You About?

Just about any compliance issue that crosses your desk. Here are some of the more common issues that we deal with in the CSP program:

  • Fraud and abuse
  • Billing and reimbursement
  • Compliance program violations
  • General questions regarding exclusions and self-disclosures
  • Responding to government visits and inquiries
  • Drafting and reviewing day-to-day compliance documents
  • HIPAA breaches and compliance
  • Requests for health information
  • Surveys and enforcement
  • Not-for-profit governance
  • Surrogate and end-of-life decision making

For more information contact:
Susan Benz at 716-858-3812,
Robert Hussar at 518-429-4278,
Eric Naegely at 716-858-3871,
Melissa Zambri at 518-429-4229,
or your favorite Barclay Damon health care or human service attorney