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Barclay Damon Attorneys Achieve 100% Pro Bono Participation

January 23, 2018—Barclay Damon announces a new achievement for its vibrant and multi-award-winning pro bono program: in 2017, every one of the law firm’s full-time attorneys provided pro bono legal services to low-income individuals in need of legal assistance and organizations serving those seeking access to justice. This accomplishment tops the milestone reached by the firm in 2016 of 100-percent participation in the firm’s pro bono program by Barclay Damon attorneys at the associate level.

Heather L. Sunser, the firm’s pro bono partner, said, “After our associates achieved 100-percent pro bono service in 2016, we celebrated this accomplishment—but we didn’t stop there. For all of us at Barclay Damon, the challenge was on.” She continued, “We were elated this year to attain a goal that some of us thought might not be possible for a firm like ours with more than 275 attorneys and countless client commitments: 100-percent pro bono service across all attorney levels and our full 11-office platform.”

John P. Langan, the firm’s managing partner, noted, “We’ve set the bar high, and we would like nothing better than to see every law firm follow in our footsteps. We’re hoping this degree of commitment will become the new four-minute mile of pro bono work.”

“As a firm with a long history and deep roots in our communities, a strong commitment to pro bono service has been a priority for Barclay Damon at every stage of our development,” Langan continued. “As the leading Northeast regional firm in the United States, we have more reason than ever to give generously of our time, talent, and passion for pro bono service—and we are proud to have every one of our attorneys committed to doing just that.”

Barclay Damon dedicated more than 3,500 hours of time valued at nearly $1 million to pro bono efforts in 2017. This assistance helped beneficiaries deal with many of today’s critical issues, including immigration, housing, women’s rights, prisoners’ rights, and community building and economic development.

Barclay Damon has a long history of giving back to the communities served by the firm, with an emphasis on using attorneys’ skills, time, and ingenuity to assist those in need who seek legal counsel. This commitment to pro bono work is a critical part of the firm's core culture and has been recognized with numerous honors, including being named an Empire State Counsel Honoree by the New York State Bar Association for exemplary pro bono work. On January 25, Barclay Damon will be named one of two Free Legal Answers™ Firm Honorees by NYSBA at its annual Justice for All Luncheon. Among other accolades, Barclay Damon has also been ranked the number one firm for pro bono service in Western New York by Buffalo Law Journal.

Barclay Damon LLP, listed as a “Top 250 Firm” by National Law Journal, is a full-service law firm with offices throughout the major cities of New York State and in Toronto, Boston, Washington, DC, and Newark. At 275-lawyers, Barclay Damon is the largest law firm in the Northeastern United States that is not centered in a major market. Barclay Damon provides comprehensive legal and business counsel to a diverse client base. Learn more about our award-winning pro bono program here.