Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Helping Inventors Give Their Businesses the Best Start

It takes ingenuity, inspiration, and hard work to create a new and useful good or service—and bringing a new invention to market often takes dedicated, business-focused legal assistance. Our emerging technologies team advises companies through all stages of the business cycle, including those necessary to begin operations, a time when resources—unlike creativity—may be tight.

Barclay Damon was recently retained by a scientist who invented a unique chemical process. We counseled the client on corporate formation, provided guidance on tax and financial issues, and advised on various agreements, including nondisclosure, service, and consulting agreements. In keeping with our client’s business needs, simplified agreement forms, designed to be user friendly and to require minimal negotiation, were devised to help streamline operations. An operating agreement addressed founders issues and the potential inclusion of additional investors. Now our attorneys are helping this client raise funds to continue developing the business.

Overall, our firm has a significant history of supporting “idea champions,” including those who participate in workshops intended to assist entrepreneurs in commercializing their technology. We are proud of our role in helping entrepreneurs with worthy projects successfully launch new businesses.


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