Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon


A Catholic priest from Poland needed a quick turnaround on a new “religious worker” (R-1) petition, but expedited processing for R-1 petitions is not available in all cases. In fact, in order to seek expedited processing on an R-1 petition, there must be proof that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has viewed and approved the religious work site. That proof has to be presented as part of the petition package, which is filed at the California Service Center, a massive regional USCIS office that typically does not accept telephone calls or email messages to discuss individual situations.

Instead of trying to go through the California Service Center for a solution, the attorneys at Barclay Damon utilized our resources within the Buffalo USCIS office to resolve the site visit issue so that the petition could be processed on an expedited basis. As a result of our communication and strong relationships with the local officers, we were able to secure an approval for the R-1 petition within less than 14 days.




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