Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Dismissal of Defective-Ladder Lawsuit Against National Retail Store Affirmed

When faced with a lawsuit alleging it sold a defectively designed or manufactured ladder, a national retail store hired Barclay Damon and its experienced product liability attorneys for help.

The plaintiff, a general contractor, claimed he was using the ladder to perform repairs and renovations to the exterior of a house when the ladder allegedly collapsed, causing him to fall and sustain serious injuries. The plaintiff alleged the ladder was defective and sued the retail store for his injuries.

Following discovery, Barclay Damon filed summary judgment and obtained a judgment dismissing  the plaintiff’s complaint, based on the findings of an engineering expert that the ladder was designed and manufactured in compliance with all relevant industry standards and was not the cause of the plaintiff’s unfortunate fall. The plaintiff appealed and the Appellate Division, Fourth Department unanimously affirmed the dismissal of the action. 


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