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Barclay Damon

Barclay Damon Gets $61 Million for PPC Broadband Inc. in Federal Court

Syracuse-based PPC Broadband Inc. chose our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Area to represent them in a federal case against a Corning Inc. subsidiary for alleged infringement on multiple patents.

Despite the defendant’s assertion on appeal of “a cavalcade of errors” made by the district court in interpreting patent language, our Barclay Damon team  used its collective knowledge of the intricacies of patent law to show that Corning had indeed been caught infringing on designs on multiple occasions.

Barclay Damon’s arguments were powerful enough to move US District Judge Gary L. Sharpe to later double the initial $24 million in royalties awarded to PPC, citing clear demonstration by our attorneys of Corning’s concealed, “egregious infringement behavior.”

With interest, PPC’s win totaled at $61 million, an amount that was upheld by the Federal Circuit.

Months later, a New York federal judge issued a recommendation favoring PPC’s request to enforce the $61 million judgment, rejecting Corning’s argument for postponement while the US Supreme Court considered its upcoming petition, according to Law360.


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